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The mission for the Highland Lakes Sports Complex (HLSC) is to bring expanded athletic opportunities to Highland Lakes athletes by providing a new and improved diverse sports facility.


The Highland Lakes Sports Complex Association is committed to fostering competitive playing opportunities for kids of all skill levels in a high-energy, safe and supportive environment.


A state-of-the-art, functional sports complex is fundamental for our kids’ futures so that they may grow in their athletic abilities and knowledge of the game. We believe in the importance of instilling our youth with the ideals of good sportsmanship, honesty, loyalty, courage and respect, so that they may be well-adjusted, stronger, and happier citizens who will have a meaningful and positive impact on society. 


The idea of a sports complex for the Highland Lakes communities is not a new one. In fact the City of Marble Falls conducted studies years ago to evaluate the need and feasibility of building a sports complex. Our community has since grown at a faster pace with over 13,500 kids under the age of 18 currently residing in Burnet and Llano counties.  


As a result of the lack of local sports facilities, thousands of families are forced to travel hundreds of miles on a weekly basis to accommodate their kids’ busy athletic schedules.


The HLSC planning and development committee are considering options for including multi-use as well as dedicated fields for the following: baseball, basketball, soccer, softball and beach volleyball. Other facilities and attributes may include ample parking, concessions, locker room, retention pond, hiking trails and restroom facilities.  


Over $2.9 billion in college athletic scholarships is awarded to over 150,000 students every year, according the National College Athletic Association. Sports scholarships can play a large role in helping families pay for college.


A local sports complex will not only benefit the futures of area’s youth but will also serve as a beneficial revenue stream for the city, county and the many local businesses that prosper from our tourism industry.


In order to make these fields of dreams a reality, we are calling on each and every member of our community to get behind the movement! Your support is integral to the success of the Highland Lakes Sport Complex and our kids’ futures.


Join us now in the effort to support the construction of a brand new Highland Lakes Sports Complex.  


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